Mirabilandia, the amusement park par excellence

Mirabilandia is, along with Gardaland, one of the largest amusement parks and most famous of Italy. Who will decide to come and visit this wonderful green park, located next to a pine forest, will benefit from the agreement with the Riviera hotel with the park itself, discounted vacation packages, which include hotel stays and entry tickets.
Fun for everyone
Mirabilandia is a park for everyone, but especially suitable for families and children. It not by chance in the park is an area dedicated to the entertainment of children called Bimbopoli. Are held each season new attractions, such as the fabulous musicals strictly live, the Police Academy stunt show, the rollercoaster and The Speed ​​V Pass, the new Mirabilandia system that allows you to book access to the main attractions. Then there are the shows with cinema 4d, Caribbean dances and many special events. Wonderland is a proliferation of attractions, to suit all tastes and all the qualities. There is the Ferris wheel, the house of ghosts, caverns, caves, abandoned mines, dinosaurs, ancient Mayan cities with reckless Katun, the fastest roller coaster in Europe. Without forgetting Mirabilandia Beach, the area used as a water park.
Wonderland, therefore, is best known for the richness and variety of the scenery which offers to its visitors, who flock to the park each season. The opening period is from April to October, but in recent years has opened exceptionally well during Halloween.
How to get
Mirabilandia is located in the municipality of Ravenna, in exactly the village of Lido di Savio, along the route of the Adriatic road 16. The theme park is easily accessible by car, by train - the reference station is in Lido di Classe -Lido di Savio, located on the railway line Rimini-Ravenna-Ferrara - and the Marconi airport in Bologna, Ridolfi and Rimini Federico Fellini. The connections between the station of Lido di Classe and Lido di Savio Mirabilandia are guaranteed by shuttle buses ply between the park and the station itself.