Overseas and Imax in Riccione

Riccione since 2004 has been enriched by another interesting theme park: Overseas. A trip to the discovery of the marine world, the formation of the planet earth and evolution of life that covers an area of ​​110,000 square meters.
A journey that is both attraction, fun and educational, thanks to the presence of educational content rich events that aim to promote the conservation of marine environmental heritage and not. Overseas it is therefore suitable for all, young people, families and children.
The park is divided into three main areas: Planet Earth (the history of our planet), Darwin (evolution of life) and the Dolphin Lagoon, one beautiful dolphinarium. And then races, seahorses, aquatic animals and sedentary, the sea planet.


Rival and namesake of fellow Londoner, is a 3D IMAX movie theater with a large screen of 600 square meters next to the site (and integral) of Overseas. Imax will make you live an unrepeatable three-dimensional movie experience, catapultandovi in ​​unseen worlds and dreamed, riding a wave or face to face with dinosaurs.