Aquafan, the aquapark in Riccione

Aquafan is a theme park located on the first hills of Riccione, close to Riccione highway exit. It 'easy to reach both by car and by train.
THE Aquafan park is open in the period from June to September. The selection of the water games is vast and articulated. 11,500 square meters of sheets of water used, corresponding to 12 200 m long versions of games, where the best known is the Kamikaze, a descent for those who love to try the chills on my back, of nearly 65 km / h, then pools , hot tubs and maxi beach pool with artificial waves. For some time Aquafan also has a new attraction called Strizzacool.
Ample space for children
Of course, there space for children, like the elephant pool and Cartoon Network Beach. Spaces and water games for children have been built with safety in mind, in fact the pools do not exceed 50 cm in height.
The waterpark is a real city, made of shops, ice cream parlors, restaurants and bars, all this to make more pleasant the stay of visitors in Aquafan.
Aquafan night
Riccione is considered the capital of Romagna nightlife with its discos and this fact also affects Aquafan. Inside the park, in fact, they are organized after sunset DJ sets, events and parties.