Transportation, Weather, Pharmacies in Adriatic Coast

In this section you will find some useful information for your holidays in the resorts on the Adriatic coast. First transport is fundamental to know how to move around the various locations and between one town and another. So much information on urban transport such as buses and taxis, trains and rail lines, but also on ports and airports (the nearest airports are the Fellini of Rimini and Ridolfi).

Equally important, in a vacation, covers the weather. With a constantly updated the forecast service, you will discover that long ago and will on the entire Adriatic coast, thus avoiding of any nasty surprises and allows you to plan the most of your vacation days.

Finally, pharmacies. In case of need, our portal indicates you an exhaustive list of municipal and private pharmacies divided by location, in order to facilitate your search as you may need medicines or medical assistance.