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Santarcangelo di Romagna is a town of Romagna 9 kilometers away from Rimini and, consequently, from the sea. Santarcangelo offers its visitors the many curiosities and historical evidence. Stand on all the caves and tunnels dug in the basement of the hill Jupiter. This underground city had an undefined function: this was probably the cellars for storing wine, but it also suggests that they could be rock catacombs or basilichette of Etruscan origin. What is certain, however, are the exceptional sensations that this immersion in the mysteries of the past present.

Other historical records are the collegiate church, where are the paintings of Cagnacci and a crucifix by Giotto`s school, and the Malatesta Fortress. The latter was the scene of a historical event contours literary: we are talking of love ended in tragedy of Paolo Malatesta and Francesca, superbly narrated by Dante in Hell.

Santarcangelo is also suggestive of his being a medieval village, with its narrow streets, its scenic walks, etc ... The food lovers will have to stop there: shops with crafts such as honey, cold meats and cheeses are summed to many trattorias and wine bars. The town, in fact, is famous for having created the Sangiovese, the wine symbol of Romagna. Its name derives from the blood of Jupiter, the mountain that dominates the center of the village.

The town is lively throughout the year with feasts, festivals and fairs. The fair of San Martino, known as the beak, and certainly the most famous. During this fair, which takes place around 10 November, two large horns are hung under the arch of Clement XIV, located in the central square Ganganelli. Tradition dictates that whoever causes the oscillation of the horns as he passed under the arch, was betrayed by his partner, hence the name of fair Becchi (ergot).


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