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San Marino is one of the oldest republics in the world. According to tradition, the city was founded around 301 by the cutter Marino, a Christian fleeing persecution fostered by the Roman Emperor Diocletian, on Mount Titano. San Marino is an independent since the High Middle Ages, and also boasts the oldest constitution in history (1600).

The small republic of just 61 square kilometers has a number of architectural and natural beauty is unparalleled. San Marino has many castles, including that of the capital of Borgo Maggiore, Domagnano and Serravalle. The historic center of the capital includes, however, three towers, one of which had finally defensive and now houses the intriguing museum of ancient weapons. Museums in San Marino, moreover, are innumerable. Worth mentioning is the art gallery, the wax museum, the museum of torture and that of vintage cars. In the palace of government, however, are elected every 6 months, with an attached ceremony, the Captains Regent of the Republic.

All these historical and architectural gems are embedded in a beautiful natural setting. The botanical garden dell`Arboreto is the most striking example. One of the most important events of the Republic of San Marino is the "Medieval Days". During these days, the streets of downtown will be populated by acrobats, musicians and jugglers strictly in period clothes. San Marino, therefore, is the occasion for an unusual holiday.


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