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Pinarella is the fraction south of Cervia-Milano Marittima, but it enjoys autonomy from the point of view of tourism. The pine forest surrounds the beach, while inside walks of life and well-being offer the opportunity for direct contact with nature. 

Pinarella is a place "sporty". One of the most important structures is the Beach Stadium, where they staged major tournaments of beach soccer, but should be mentioned also the two equestrian centers, sports hall, the three nautical clubs, bowling and field for archery 'arc. The resort is also equipped with 20 km of trails for jogging, 4 km of cycle paths and 22 km of trails for canoeing and kayaking.

The village of Cervia is also suitable for children, as hotel and bathing rooms are equipped with games, entertainment, nursery and much more. The park Mirabilandia, also, a few kilometers from here. 
Fun and local-like Planet Rock and Shaki Makaki- can not miss, as well as food markets based on the typical cuisine. The summer season is open regularly from the Festival of Sepia, but the events organized by the local tourist board are many and varied.

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