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Red traffic lights... green traffic lights... For a holiday of comfort and fun, or just to watch the motorcycle and car races at Santa Monica circuit in Misano find the hotel to stay as you wish. 

In the dedicated circuit in Misano Adriatico find cheap hotels, family hotels and annual hotel. If you're more for the comfort and relaxation there is nothing better to soak in the tub of a hotel with the pool or do some 'sessions in a spa? Offers for children free at Misano? Seek instead a hotel with air conditioning in Misano Adriatico? You'll find a solution for your every need. A wifi nowadays it is essential to connect with the world, many hotels with internet in Misano. If you can not separate yourself your faithful pet there are many hotels that welcome your four-legged friend. In steady increase in the hotels also increasingly concerned about food intolerances.

Sea and nature

The coastal area of Misano Adriatico is between the mouths of the river Conca del rio and Sapling. The golden beach is of fine sand, and the water quality is excellent. Misano Adriatico, in fact, receives a number of years the Blue Flag award given by the Environmental Commission of the European Union. And the beaches are synonymous with safety, given the slow degradation of the seabed and the presence of lifeguards every 150 meters. Ergo, Misano Adriatico is recommended for family holidays. So many, in fact, the activities designed for children, from baby dance at the mini club. For large, however, are designed relaxation area with whirlpool and massage, sports, yoga, spinning, group dances and much more. That the coastal resort is a perfect combination of sea and nature is well demonstrated from the natural river Conca

Marina Portoverde

Portoverde (built in 1963) is the port of choice for Misano. A splendid double dock that, thanks to its 350 berths for boats up to 30 meters in length and cutting-edge services such as sprinklers, fixed and mobile cranes, service, TV-sat, rubbish collection and oils, monitoring and insurance, allows tourists hiking on the high seas and along the coast every day. But the marina is much more than that. It 'a kind of great exclusive Mediterranean-style village, which will amaze you with restaurants and romantic enclaves, the quaint shops and trendy bars.

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The whole resort, in fact, is also famous for its nightlife. The population of Misano Monte will find the clubs that have made the history of the Romagna by night: the chic Villa delle Rose (with its lovely garden and the dome-like white marble above the runway) and Byblos and the transgressive Echoes ex Liz, local host the best DJs on the international scene. That is, the best the riviera (and perhaps the entire peninsula) to offer for lovers of house music. Sull'arenile Portoverde, however, the most famous meeting points are the Makima, disco dinner show in the evening which depart from dinner to extend until dawn, and Ginger, local glamor and fashion. 

Misano autodrome

In the nearby fraction of Santamonica, however, there is the legendary autodrome (built in 1972 and totally renovated in 2007), where a few years we run the Grand Prix MotoGP World, where the champions of the two-wheeled challenge each of drifting and 'outgassing'. The same applies to the SuperBike, another international event. Misano, then, is the scene of an event of global interest, and during those days becomes a destination for thousands of fans. The track also hosts the Ferrari for aerodynamic testing and motorsports and other competitions as Mototemporada, Euro truck racing, CIV and Sara Racing Weekend. But everyone can experience the thrill of testing the circuit of Misano. Ben 35 thousand square meters are in fact arranged for a Kart track 800 meters long and 10 wide; Here you can also organize competitions among sympathetic friends.

The history

Misano has Roman origins, as evidenced by archaeological finds found therein. The territory of Misano, in fact, would be awarded to veterans of the Gens Mesia around the third century BC as a prize of war. In the Middle Ages with the construction in 997 of the Parish of St. Erasmus, Misano became a very important center, while from 1295 and 1528 it fell under the rule of the Malatesta (as the whole surrounding area) who built a castle of which were the only 'entrance arch and a small part of the tower. The modern history is instead characterized by difficult efforts to maintain the autonomy won in 1511 under the rule of the Papal States. The last important act is dated 1949 with the transfer of the municipal town hall in Misano Adriatico

American fractions

A curiosity all exclusive to this particular common is the name given to some of its fractions: Misano Brazil (adjacent to Riccione), Village Argentina (in the northern part of the hinterland), Canada (along the River Basin), Uruguay and Paraguay (near portoverde). It's therefore clear how these small towns have taken the name of some states in North and South America, an event determined by the return home of citizens misanesi -emigrants overseas like so many other Italians in the nineteenth century who resettled in these residential centers. 


Misano Adriatic, as already mentioned, is of the nature one of its strengths. It could not be outdone by its hinterland and in particular Gemmano, one of the natural jewels of the whole Romagna. Here, indeed, is the nature reserve of the Caves of Onferno. Of karstic origin, ie formed by the erosive action of water infiltrated therein, the caves start at 290 m from the Pieve di Santa Colomba up to go down to a depth of 70 m in suggeguirsi a maze of corridors and recesses in different shapes and curious . The guided tour -little lit to preserve bats present there in large Quantity- lasts one hour and requires appropriate clothing to temperature (12-14 ° C), helmet, torch and tennis shoes. For information on tour times and reservations, please call 0541 984694.