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Igea Marina: Hotels from 2 to 5 stars

Featured hotels to Igea Marina

hotel Madison Igea Marina


Igea Marina
hotel Filiberto Igea Marina


Igea Marina
From.. 39€
Hotel Majestic Igea Marina


Igea Marina
Hotel Edward Igea Marina


Igea Marina
From.. 20€
hotel degli Angeli Igea Marina

degli Angeli

Igea Marina
Appartamenti Residence Garden Bellaria

Residence Garden

hotel Bel Turismo Bellaria

Bel Turismo

From.. 35€
hotel Elizabeth Bellaria


From.. 60€
hotel Forlazzini Bellaria


From.. 25€
hotel Pesaresi Bellaria


From.. 43€


They were the early 900 and Bellaria, a city of ancient medieval origins, was already a renowned tourist center frequented by rich and educated bourgeois and a circle of orbiting intellectuals around the figure of the literate Alfredo Panzini.
But only the gaze of a dreamer could see in that dune strip, swamps and a few sparits and poor houseplants, a south of the River Usage, the unexpressed potentials of a new tourist resort.

Yet that dreamer arrives: he was called Vittorio Belli, and he was a Rimini physician and an intellectual with a thousand interests (archeology, antiquity, travel ...), whose greatest passions were though naturalism and botany. This was the genesis of Igea Marina: a pine forest planted by Belli himself, reclamation works and in mind a recreational center for body and spirit immersed in nature, with lake, library, picture gallery and villas for wealthy and sophisticated intellectuals who knew Appreciate the value of that green paradise.

Many years have passed since then, and although the role of Belli in the birth and the formation of identity in Igea is still the subject of debate amongst those who play, he has ended up with the mythical figure, and who instead refuses to recognize the enterprising I have lost every merit in the foundation of Igea, though this small and happy garden city continues to play its cards with skill.
And his cards are also the result of Belli's efforts and, of course, of those first brave settlers who decided to wager on Igea after the war, are the hotels, structures and the jovial and enterprising character of the Romagnoli, but above all a sensitivity Enviroment that wanted to enhance the greenery and nature from that beautiful Gelso Park, today considered one of the largest green lungs of the Adriatic coast, passing through the paths for use and Pavese Park.


Even now, wanting to focus Igea Marina on an idea, we could talk about tourism, ecology and relaxation.
A scheme that is reflected inevitably also in the philosophy that informs the hotels of Igea Marina, which have a rich repertoire of services specially designed for the well-being of their guests.

All of these hotels are indexed in our service database, so our readers will have direct and immediate access to the facilities they have the services they prefer.
A short distance in the left menu you will find the best hotels in Igea under the entries: hotel with spa, hotel with pool, hotel with wi-fi, free hotel for children, hotel for handicapped, hotel with celiac menu, hotel with Entrance Admitted to your pets ...
Few easy steps to open a small window on the activity of so many tourism professionals that after generation, piece after piece, have built this small and cozy bathing paradise, where everything acquires meaning only in function of Your holiday: family and child care; The cure spent on the gastronomic offer and the valorization of the products and flavors typical of tradition; Investments in view of increasingly modern structures, lacking in architectural, secure and well-equipped barriers; Teams trained by qualified professionals, from waiter to physiotherapist to spa ...

All this and much more for anyone who stops here, while Igea is waiting for you with its tree-lined avenues and its shops; The sea rewarded with the blue flag, between swimmers, aperitifs, swimming pools, sports and animation; Exclusive events and great places to visit ...

It is the same Igea that Vittorio Belli watched on his pine forest with an African monkey on his shoulder; Alfredo Panzini's artistic and literary salons, and he likes to spend the night at Becky Bay beach. Igea Marina is waiting for you, and it is an appointment to be missed!


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