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The receptivity of Cervia includes numerous solutions for all budgets, from the economic to the 4-star hotel with all the comforts, such as spa or pool or even hotels with air conditioning.

Spend your holidays in Cervia whether you have a large family (many hotels are great for kids or even free) that a group of friends and you will not regret the choice made. Need internet with wifi? There is definitely a structure that will satisfy you. Do not forget your four-legged friend visit hotels that accept pets. More and more hotels with a gluten-free kitchen.

The white gold: salt

The main characteristic feature of Cervia is undoubtedly the salt, dubbed "white gold" because of its importance in the economy of the town. Since ancient times, in fact, the salt was the main source of wealth for Cervia: this for its sweet, ie the absence of bitter salts in its interior. The sea salt is neither dried nor 'dirtied' by additives, and despite this, it keeps for a long time its natural moisture. Two main varieties used in the production of cheese and cold cuts: the Salfiore of Romagna and the Salfiore of Cervia. To learn the secrets of the white gold and taste it, you should definitely visit the Parco della Salina, where you can also admire many species of rare flora and fauna, as the knight of Italy, the mallard and the beautiful pink flamingos. For guided tours for individuals or groups, please contact the 0544 973040. Another not to be missed is the Salt Museum, custodian of the tools used for its extraction and processing. The highlight is instead "September Taste of Salt", an event that lasts for the entire month.

Cervia's Thermae

Cervia is still surrounded by a pine forest, in which there are areas for fitness, bike paths, ideal for relaxation and walks. But above all, via Forlanini, there are the Terme di Cervia. The latter, born in 1961, using the properties of saline water (another aspect that makes the famous resort) and sludge to propose beneficial therapies of different kinds. This paradise of beauty and health avails itself of the beneficial properties of the mud of the salt and water rich with minerals. They were the first to notice the salt from the disinfectant and soothing waters and mud, as there were soaked all day. Since then, the extracted sludge is mixed with salt water to cure sciatica, gout, psoriasis, rheumatism and rehabilitation of the limbs. At the thermal baths of Cervia also no shortage of treatments for respiratory, beauty treatments and massages. For more info, please contact the 0544 990111. The 'magic' saline is also used by the "Wave Spa" Fantini Club of Cervia, the bathhouse cutting edge of the resort, equipped with a real spa and wellness area directly on the beach.

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Cervia is also a sports town. Here, in fact, you can go sailing, wakeboarding, kite surfing and catamaran with its three yacht clubs (the most famous is the Circolo Nautico Cervia "Friends of sailing", opened in 1947), but also canoeing (there is a kayak club) and golf. Speaking of golf, impossible not to mention the Adriatic Golf Club Cervia, ultra modern and pride of the town. Take part in a long itinerary divided into three different courses and 27 holes (9 of which are US-style Scottish links and 9) spread over 100 hectares.

Nightlife and Mirabilandia

Needless to say, the nightlife is very lively, thanks to its proximity to the chic Milano Marittima. But even here there are many pubs, clubs and discos of various types, such as Shaky Makaky and Rock Planet. Not far from the lakeside town then there are Mirabilandia, the amusement park host many attractions, the fastest roller coaster in Europe and a water park, and Ravenna, the city of art guardian of Byzantine culture, the eight nominated heritage of monuments' humanity, and the remains of Dante Alighieri.

Legendary origins

Legend has it that Cervia was founded by the Etruscans with the name Ficocle, name changed to the current one around the ninth century because of the sighting of a deer in the pine forest surrounding the town by the Bishop of Lodi: the animal would be kneeling before the ecclesiastical official who was then decided to rename the town.


A Cervia is no shortage of events. The most important event is to mold cultural and lasts all summer, "Cervia loves the book", an exhibition in which the authors present their books and works. Laughter and humor are the protagonists of "Sarchiapone" race of comedy dedicated to Walter Chiari decreed that each year the best aspiring comedian of the moment. In August, space in a competition unique setting, the "World Championship Sand Sculpture". Inside the stadium Beach, skilled sculptors from around the world will compete for the prize rainbow; their amazing creations up to 8 meters high and often depicting real architectural constructions (eg, the Milan Cathedral and Big Ben in London) will remain on display throughout the month. Also in the hottest month of the summer, there is the "Palio della Voga", where the bailouts are more experienced will face a rowing. The "Marriage of the Sea" is instead a historical event that takes place since the distant 1445 This event commemorates the act of the Bishop of Cervia Pietro Barbo that, to obtain the goodwill of the stormy sea, and she threw a ring; in conjunction with this event takes place on Ascension Fair well with many food stands. Finally, color and cheerfulness are the characteristic features of the "International Kite Festival" scene between April and May, and "Cervia Garden City", exhibition of flowers and gardening.