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A corner of Romagna

Cattolica is the lying most south of the Romagna Riviera, with its five kilometers of golden sand dotted with sun loungers and umbrellas, the modern lines of the Kursaal, the water games of the dancing fountains and the gardens of Piazzale I Maggio; With the new flaming dock and the incredible concentration of sprouted hotels in a few decades from one end to the other; With its boutiques sown as small jewelery framed by greenery under the hairy faces of the tree-lined avenues of the center, it is reasonably seen the most modern and advanced face of a Romagna in perpetual change. Catholic does not intend to contradict the media marketing that has turned it into an icon, in the patina of the tourist brochures it looks like a small, world-famous beach paradise, efficient, organized, inviting and immaculate of the most striking modernity.

A thousand years of hospitality

Yet scratching just beneath the surface, Cattolica impresses us with its old habit of welcoming. A habit that rocks in the thirteenth century when this innocent small agglomeration on the Emilia Road, halfway between Pesaro and Rimini, and the crossroads of roads that approached Apennines, Was a place of passage dedicated to the rest and refreshment of travelers.

And, going backward in time, historical research does not exclude that Cattolica could be, for the Romans, a statue or a dungeon (mail station).
If so, we should recognize an unusual and millenarian specialization that makes Cattolica a very special case, that is, a road trip attended by "tourists" ante litteram and special facilities dedicated to the reception.

More recently, there was a year for Cattolica that was particularly burdensome of consequences, and not only because it coincided, in great history, with the year of unity of Italy. It was in fact in 1861 that Cattolica finally had its own railroad and broadened its visitor basin by riding the wave of a tourist consensus that would soon be renamed the "Queen of the Adriatic".

The territory

And it was an easily understandable success if you just stop looking at the many arrows around the catholic tourism: from the topography to the temperament of the inhabitants, through structures and services ...

Small and stretched in front of a beautiful, gently sloping gulf with gently sloping seabeds, shows on the Marche side the first stretch of high coast and overhanging the sea, south of Trieste, which gives wonderful landscapes along the curve of the panorama that Gabicce Monte through The San Bartolo Natural Park, leads to the city of Pesaro.
On the other side, the gaze opens to the eye, hugging the entire coast of Romagna in a single instant. On the darkest days, it is possible to come to capture the distant profile of Ravenna, the ancient and sparkling capital of the exarch, as well as a precious bridge between the East and the West.
Behind the Apennine Ridge, visitors to the small and precious medieval hamlets are set on the steep, unobtrusive rocks that, like grains of a rosary, mark ancient war strategies of powerful and belligerent families when the green hills that smell of vines and olive trees Smelled of blood and fierce fighting.

Hotels and seaside life

In this small comma of sand on the extreme border between Romagna and Marche, the same morphology of the territory imposes that the hotels have to play near the sea: on the seafront, near the new dock or the elegant streets of the center, between fountains , Boutiques, and fine dining.

The walk takes you through the summer of shows, markets, concerts and, traditionally, the evening shows of the dancing fountains of Piazzale I Maggio.
Between a day at the sea and an aperitif, you can set up your vacation nest in some of the most exclusive hotels in the area, pampered by the discreet intimacy of a family atmosphere, good Romagna cuisine, and the many services that the entrepreneurial entrepreneurship of so many Hotel guests have developed for their guests: swimming pools, air conditioning, wellness center, hotel with internet connection, with annual opening for the whole family, for celiac, pets and children free of charge.

In general you will find hotel for all pockets and for every need, always maintaining a good value for money, as the most established Romagna tradition wants. In any case, we recommend to the younger people and those who predict a budget spending content, to visit the cheap hotel section.

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The Aquarium Le Navi

Of course, you can count on the excellence of entertainment entertainment in the great roman circuit of theme parks.
One step away from home you will find Aquafan, Oltremare, Fiabilandia, Italy in Miniature and a little more on Mirabilandia.

But above all, in Cattolica, you can experience the thrill of a close encounter with the most feared predator of the sea: the shark.
At the Aquarium Le Navi, among the 60 specimens of 16 different species, you will find hammer sharks, bullshit sharks, black whale sharks, trigonies, races, kittens and many other amazing varieties.

But it does not stop here, sharks are accompanied by penguins, otters, murines, horns, caiman, clown fish, snakes and all the colorful repertoire of fascinating creatures that populate the sea and the land, and together the fantastic journey of evolution on Four continents.

The Aquarium was derived from a former fascist colony for immigrant children abroad, a futuristic-style construction that looks like a navy fleet in a large green park just outside the blue expanse of the Adriatic. As it may appear at the time, it is possible to understand it by watching the films of the Light Institute, shot in the fascist era.
In any case, Le Navi has kept its veneration intact for the care of the youngest, still honorable guests in the largest aquarium in the Adriatic.


It was in the beautiful Villa Majani of Cattolica, surrounded by a beautiful green park just a stone's throw from the sea, that young Guglielmo Marconi, future Nobel prize for physics, hosted by Father Letizia's aunt, conducted tests and experiments of electrical engineering that would bring it all 'Telegraph invention.

Among the most ancient and persistent legends of Cattolica, there is no doubt that of Valbruna, the small submerged Atlantis of Romagna, which tradition it wants, to be found under the waters of Vallugola, in front of the promontory of Monte San Bartolo.

It is around Pascoli street that focuses on what the locals call the Old Catholic, where the 13th century church of S. Apollinare and the Castello di Cattolica (Castrum Catholicae) stand out.
And it's always in this neighborhood that we know put the inns for the welcoming of hikers and horses for horses.

About antiquity: in spite of its modern and elegant vacation lounge, Cattolica has ancient Roman origins. It possessed an important commercial port at the mouth of Tavollo and a significant production of amphora for the transport of wine obtained from the vineyards of the area and exuberant with respect to domestic consumption.
In addition to a small necropolis of the imperial era, archaeological excavations also revealed the findings of a small community established in the Bronze Age between 2000 and 1700 BC