Hotel Italy Misano


PeriodsDOUBLE Room 2 peopleTRIPLE Room 2 adults +1 childQUADRUPLE Room 2 adults +2 childrenSINGLE Room 1 adult
starting fromstarting fromstarting fromstarting from
LONG WEEKENDSeuroeuroeuroeuro
25th April8810511060
1st May8810511060
2nd June8810511055
From 2nd to 25th55 b&b60 b&b60 b&b40 b&b
From 25/05 to 1st 8510010045
From 1st to 8th8510010049
From 8th to 15th 9410010549
From 15th to 22nd9911511854
From 22nd to 29th 11012512960
JULY euroeuroeuroeuro
From 29/6 to 6th11514514565
From 6th to 13rd12014514575
From 13th to 20th12014015069
From 20th to 27th12513514575
AUGUST euroeuroeuroeuro
From 27/07 to 3rd 12514616570
From 3rd to 10th13516818779
From 10th to 17th15518521079
From 17th to 24th13016017976
From 24th to 31st116 130 13565
SEPTEMBER euroeuroeuroeuro
From 31/8 to 7th8510510550
From 7th to 14th85999950
MotoGP, min 4 dayscall uscall uscall uscall us

Book in advance and save!

We specify that the rates are per room and indicates the daily total amount for the whole family.
Require information and quotes by clicking on the page “Quote” or call us +39 0721 96590.
Book immediately your holiday!

In April, May, June and September, children don’t pay!
Ask for a quote and if you like it… Book!!!

the prices could vary according to room availability (from +5% to +30%)


The rates listed in the chart above correspond to the ALL INCLUSIVE SMART treatment:

  • Grand Buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner with a minimum 2 choice menu (meat and fish), side dishes and more hot and cold vegetables buffet
  • Drinks included at meals (2.5 liters of beverages – wine and water at your option)
  • TV color
  • Private services
  • Entertainment (open bar – mini club – evening entertainment)
  • 1 umbrella and 2 sunbeds
  • animazione serale e party con open bar
  • Wi-Fi
  • Bicycles


For those who don’t want to think too much… ALL INCLUSIVE PREMIUM treatment:

All that’s included in All Inclusive Smart treatment and more:

  • No limit for water at meals
  • A bottle of wine
  • A bottle of a drink for children at meals
  • No limit for soft drinks
  • Coffee at meals

Just 8 € plus in double room
Just 12 € plus in triple room
Just 16 € plus in quadruple room


Reductions & Supplements!

+ 4 euro per day for a period of one week or more than 3 days
+ 6 euro per day for those who leave the car for only 2 days

room (top floor only) + 4 euro per day

The rates shown in the table are for families with children aged between 4 and 16 years.


  • Child between 0 and 2 years in a cot in a double room with parents is free
  • Child from 2 to 4 years old in triple room with parents: 5% discount per room – not in August central weeks
  • 2 children aged 2 to 4 years old in family room with parents: 5% discount per room (not per child) – not in August central weeks


  • Child between 16 and 18 years: supplement of 15 Euros per day per child
  • Adult children in their parents’ room: supplement of 20 Euros per day per child

Double room single use + EUR 25.00 per day.
Single room + EUR 6.00 per day.



The Hotel Italy, performs various promotions during the season.
Rates of ALL INCLUSIVE formula are valid for who books before the dates given in the various offers; after these dates, or if we sell all the rooms on offer, prices may be increases by 5% to 30%.

To book please contact us by phone or mail. Reservations are accepted, preferably from Saturday to Saturday or from Sunday to Sunday.
Booking requires a deposit of € 100 per week (150 for the month of August), by bank transfer, money order or credit card. The deposit will then be deducted from the cost of the holiday.

Note: not consumed meals will not be curtailed In case our customers do not come back they substitute lunch asking for the packed lunch.



From a legal point of view the deposit is a sum of money paid from the tourist to the hotelier at the conclusion of their contract as an early compensation for his loss in case the guest doesn’t come to the hotel as expected.
If the tourist honours the contract, the deposit is deducted from the bill.

In the event of a cancellation the hotelier can keep the deposit as a compensation.
As stated above, and for administrative reasons also, the sum paid as a deposit will not be refunded. While taking note of the possibility of not returning the deposit, we inform you that it’s not our intention to take possession of the sum already paid, which instead can be used for future bookings.

The deposit will be valid for two years from the date of the booking and will be retrievable for:
summer stays of 1 week or more
long weekend stays

To further facilitate our guest, he can give his deposit credit to a relative or a friend.

Information Miscellaneous

Our strengths

Property description

At 20 meters from the golden beach and fully equipped Misano Adriatico, between the resorts of Cattolica and Riccione, and a short walk from the beautiful port of Porto Verde, you will find this charming hotel, enhanced by the courtesy and friendliness of the staff, from hygiene and kitchen delicious of its chefs.
Cooking with passion and love of simplicity, selecting fresh and wholesome raw materials, local specialties and Mediterranean cuisine proposed in double menu of meat and fish, a buffet of appetizers of earth and sea, vegetable side dishes made with taste and imagination, raw or cooked like au gratin, sauteed or steamed.
Hotel Italy is a family hotel, so reserve the reception of your children a very attentive to cheer them and your holidays.
Specifically, the kitchen staff is committed to meeting the variations on the menu or to ensure a personalized diet with parents, for a balanced and healthy diet.
The little ones can eat half an hour before the other customers to avoid unpleasant distractions, and ensure easy meals to parents.
And after a meal, a few steps and you're already with his feet in the fine sand of the beach, in front of a clear sea characterized by shallow waters, ideal for bathing of children and less experienced.
Misano Adriatico is awarded annually scope Blue Flag award, which confirms the quality of water and services.
Many then the celebrations organized for the enjoyment of young and old.
At night you can relax in comfortable rooms, all terraced, with private toilet, hair dryer and TV.
Particularly advantageous formula "Book early and save" and "All Inclusive" which includes full board, drinks, beach, free bike rental, Wi-Fi and a kids' club in the beach resort. Be sure to contact by email the direction by clicking on the box "Contact structure", to receive the latest updates about the last minutes and special offers, that every year the Hotel Italy offers generously to its customers.
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Opening :  Aprile - Settembre
Address : Via Pascoli, 6
Cities : Misano Adriatico (RN)
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