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The Hotel Carlo  Miramare di Rimini combines the typical comforts of a 3 star to an enviable location on the waterfront: the structure is in fact located directly on the beach.
Carlo strong point is undoubtedly the kitchen, prepared personally by the owner, a graduate chef that deals with taste and passion of the hotel's gastronomic proposal from the age of 18 years.
Every day you can choose your favorite dishes from a wide menu, including three first and three second courses, meat, fish and vegetarian, to meet the needs and preferences of every palate.
The ancient and popular flavors of Romagna are presented in generous portions already Serve in a fortunate formula capable of harmonizing eye and taste. On your table you will find plenty of fresh pasta, lots of fish and lots of vegetables.
Particularly welcome are also desserts, served fresh every day starting with breakfast.
Never miss meals specifically designed for coeliacs, which are reserved for delicious dishes, gluten-free, but without giving up the flavor and quality of Italian cuisine.
The rooms all enjoy large and bright rooms, private baths, TV with LCD screen, safe, air conditioning, and comfortable beds with wooden staves.
They can accommodate up to 4 beds, and Family versions and Quality have comfortable terraces.
Available full-board or all-inclusive with beach included in the bathroom Orchid No. 129 in front of the hotel.
well spaced beach umbrellas, playground for children, gym, sports and lots of fun for young and old, are the trump cards of this equipped and modern bathhouse.
Customers can use the parking, the free bike rental and free Wi-Fi.
Those who wish to receive further information or to proceed directly to the booking can select the appropriate box "Contact structure" to communicate via email with management.
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Opening :  Aprile - Settembre
Address : Viale Regina Margherita n. 72
Cities : Rimini (RN)
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